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Creating high performance organisations by unlocking the business value of Web 2.0 technologies.

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Buffering the Global Economic Meltdown in South Africa using Web 2.0 Applications

What does this mean for creating value in an unpredictable time, how can this help cut costs while driving growth? Here are six practical ways that 2.0 can help organisations grapple with today’s economic challenges.

Could Web 2.0 impact on economic growth?

The economic gaps that have emerged between countries, communities and individuals over the past two centuries resulted from waves of network technologies and network innovations.

Creating real wealth by combining 2.0 technologies with new ways of doing business

The Internet and web 2.0 technologies provide companies with new ways to harvest the talents of innovators outside of their corporate boundaries.

Enhancing long term sustainability through 2.0

Sustaining corporate performance is a challenge to most businesses. Many senior executives find it hard to shift their attention away from today’s share price and the next set of results.

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Digital Bridges is situated at the Innovation Hub which houses a community of pioneers, inventors, entrepreneurs and free thinkers - challenged and inspired, breaking new ground, collaborating and inventing new technologies.

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  Digital Bridges - Creating high performance organisations by unlocking the business value of web 2.0 technologies

Digital Bridges

Digital Bridges enables organisations to unlock the business value of web based technologies through the application of best practise management disciplines and the latest business thinking globally.

It has partnered with Luuk (Pty) Ltd, as its Software Development and R&D partner, to create Digital Bridges 2.0. Luuk was voted as one of the "Leading Emerging Technology Companies in South Africa" by Top Technology 100 in 2006.

Digital Bridges 2.0 provides business solutions that combine highly customised web 2.0 and mobi 2.0 technologies with rigorous management methodologies and creative thinking to enable organisations to deliver on their business objectives.